Focus on: What is going on in Latin America - 14/5/2015

The event took place during the International Headache Congress (IHC) 2015 and was attended by an ample audience composed by representatives from Europe (Jean Schoenen, Tim Steiner, José Pereira Montero, among others) and by numerous clinicians and researchers from Latin America.

The chairmen, Vincenzo Guidetti, Miguel Lainez and Cristina Tassorelli, opened the Session.

Miguel Lainez, co-chairman of IHC 2015 together with Alan Rapaport, introduced the event and explained its rationale and importance. Vincenzo Guidetti welcomed the idea and underscored the relevance of its general objective. Cristina Tassorelli mentioned the origins of the idea and the importance of taking it forward.

The first speaker, Cherubino Di Lorenzo (Italy), illustrated the results of a survey regarding the contribution of Latin American Countries to the field of headache in terms of publications in indexed international journals. In a comparative analysis of published literature, Di Lorenzo showed the importance (in terms of quality and quantity) of the scientific production of these countries, also as regards children/adolescents aspects.
Federico Dajas (Uruguay) gave a master talk on medicinal plants, herbs and spices as a potential therapeutic resource for headache in LA countries.
Michele Viana (Italy) illustrated the background and the methods of the proposed collaborative project 'How do people call migraine in Neolatin speaking countries?' inviting all the participants to collaborate to the project.
Carlos Bordini (Brazil) acknowledged Giuseppe Nappi for devoting energy and funding to foster scientific research and its dissemination among Neolatin speaking Countries over the last 2 decades. He described the content of the first issue of the bulletin (newsletter) of the Neolatin Group on Headache, funded in 2013 in Pavia.
Franco Lucchese (Italy) described an example of a structured bilateral initiative between a LA Country (Argentina) and a EU Country (Italy), made possible by the University Consortium Italy for Argentina-CUIA.
Carla Finocchiaro (Italy) showed some possible the EU-LAC Funding opportunities and she briefly illustrated the EU calls that could be of interest of the researchers attending this session.

A general discussion by the Board of Advisors followed the platform presentations. Several of the attendees were willing to participate in the multicentric trial on the names used for migraine in Neolatin countries as a means to give visibility to the activities of these countries and, at the same time, to draw the attention on the importance of considering language and culture specificities in the doctor-patient relationship in order to achieve a better scientific/care impact.

Valencia, 11:30-13

Chairmen: Vincenzo Guidetti, Miguel Lainez, Cristina Tassorelli

  • Scientific activity: data from pubmed
    Marco Arruda, Brazil
  • Medicinal plants, herbs and spices: a therapeutic resource for headache in LA countries
    Federico Dajas, Uruguay
  • The collaborative project 'What do people call migraine in Neolatin speaking countries?'
    Michele Viana, Italy
  • The Newsletter of the Neolatin Group
    Carlos Bordini, Brazil
  • Structured bilateral initiatives: University Consortium Italy for Argentina-CUIA
    Franco Lucchese, Italy
  • EU-LAC Funding opportunities
    Carla Finocchiaro, Italy

Advisory Board Discussion: Messoud Ashina (Denmark), Lucas Bonamico (Argentina), Nelson Barrientos (Chile), Miguel Lainez (Es), Giuseppe Nappi (Italy), Mario Medici (Uruguay), José Pereira Monteiro (Portugal), Alan Rapaport (US), Giorgio Sandrini (Italy), Jean Schoenen (Belgium), Giacomo Spadafora (Argentina).

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